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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler is suitable for unscrambling polyester bottles and make them in one line, then discharge them by vacuum conveyor, its features are as followed: PLC program controlling, digit show speed, automatic. High speed operation, easy to combine with all kinds of filler or filling production line.

Production Description

1. The appearance is simple and beautiful, the structure is novel and unique, and the maintenance is convenient. Frequency conversion speed regulation transmission is precisely synchronized, digital display work output, fully automatic high-speed operation, easy to connect with various filling machines or filling lines.

2. The specially designed bottle drop trough can adapt to bottles whose size does not differ too much without replacing the bottle drop trough, saving investment. For example, when the diameter of the bottle is equivalent, but the length is changed by 30mm, there is no need to replace the drop tank, and it can be achieved only by appropriately adjusting the drop tank. However, when the diameter and length of the bottle are changed, some parts need to be replaced to adapt to the larger bottle shape.

3. The lower part of the barrel is equipped with a maintenance port, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to enter the bottom of the machine. The cabinet is equipped with maintenance lighting.

4. With complete safety protection measures, when the maintenance door is opened, the machine cannot be started, at this time, you can use a manual operator to control the machine.

5. The bottle-out carousel of the bottle sorting machine is equipped with a bottle bottle detector, which can effectively protect the machine safety. It is also equipped with a fault indicator and a touch screen to show the cause of the fault.

6. The main motor can adjust the speed through the man-machine interface, which can easily set the production speed, and can automatically start and stop according to the condition of the bottle on the air channel.

Technical Parameter :

1. Equipment process

Bottle storage, bottle storage bucket, bottle sorting, slide to bottle outlet

2.Production capacity: 18000-20000 bottles/hour (standard bottle type 330ml-550ml)

Applicable bottle diameter: ∮28-∮125

Applicable bottle height: 150mm-340mm

Host size: ∮2600mm*h1950mm.

Hoist size: 2800*1250*2610

Total weight: about 1300kg

Voltage: three-phase four-wire system 380V/50HZ/60HZ

Power: 3kw

Air source: 0.5P

Production line height: manufactured according to the height of the filling production line (adjustment range 100mm)

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