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The carbonated beverage production line is used to produce large bottles or vials of carbonated water-based beverages.
After forming a preliminary beverage by sugar blending, the oxygen in the beverage is first degassed by the soda mixer, the raw syrup and water are mixed in proportion, and then the mixed material is sprayed to make it fully mixed with carbon dioxide to form a saturated carbonated beverage.


Production Line

CAD Configuration


Fillex helps customers realize and surpass their dreams according to their actual conditions and product characteristics.
Automatic production line
Automatic production line, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple operation, but also high output, low price.
Wide range of applications
suit for a variety of special-shaped bottles, and it is convenient and quick to change the bottle type.
Good after sales service
Good after sale service, quick response to ensure customer normal production.

01 . Water Treatment System

water treatment
RO is a technique of separating solutes from solvents of the same solution by means of selection and interception by the semi-permeable membranes, when driven by pressure.Use of reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial toxins and most organic matter and other impurities, desalination rate is generally 98% or more. RO reverse osmosis equipment has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation of the process, small size, simple operation, strong adaptability.

02 . Carboanted Drink Processing System

The carbonated drink blending system is based on the characteristics of different kinds of beverage to develop the production process. According to the formulation of drinks, to design the carbonated drink mixing process...

03 . Bottle Blow Moulding System

blow molding machine

  The automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for water bottle, oil bottle, medicine, juice bottle, seasoning bottle, carbonated beverage, cosmetic bottle and other packaging containers. 


  Servo high-speed bottle blowing machine has a stable infrared heating system, the infrared lamp can realize stepless pressure regulation, the bottle embryo pitch is small, the heating efficiency is high, and the heating energy consumption is reduced by 30-40%.



04 . Filling System

carbonated filling machine
This equipment is mainly used for the filling of carbonated beverages, including the three main functions of rinsing, filling and capping. This equipment realizes fully automatic operation and can be adapted to filling PET bottles with sparkling juice, sparkling mineral water, Coke and Sprite. The bottle type is highly adaptable, and the operation is simple and quick when changing the bottle type. The filling scheme adopts the principle of equal pressure filling, which is fast and stable, the liquid level is accurate, and the steam content is sufficient.

05 . Labeling System

OPP Labeling Machine
 It is suitable for labeling before and after filling when the bottle type label is required for pasting. Mainly used in beverage, daily chemical, condiment and other industries.  
The hot melt adhesive series labeling machine is a new generation of labeling equipment that adopts the latest research results.  It can meet the requirements of round bottles, square bottles, and oval bottles on different production lines.

06 . Packing System

shrink wrapping machine

  It is widely used in the combination packaging of beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. No matter whether it is square, round, or flat, it can be packaged and has excellent visual effects. It is the preferred matching equipment for beer and beverage filling production lines.


  This machine adopts multi-axis servo motor synchronous control technology, film cooling technology, film tension control technology and bottle pressure-free control technology.  


07 . Palletizing System


  It is used in the industries of beer food and beverage, the chemical, etc., to stack various types of bottles and bags. 


With a small occupied area, easy adjustment and large production capacity, it is particularly suitable for space-constrained layout plans and is suitable for a variety of fascia boards and boxes. The change of production line only needs to modify the software program.  Flexible handling and handling can simultaneously ensure the operation of multiple production lines.


08 . Conveyor System

 Modular design has been used for the conveyor belt structure, which is compact, low-noise, and convenient in installation and maintenance. It is easy to replace the components. It is flexible to combine each part together according to different capabilities, bottle types.
  The control method can be designed according to the customer’s floor plan requirements, and the required electrical control elements can be selected to further improve the smoothness of the delivery. 


6000bph@1.5L Carbonated Drink Production Line

Country: Turkmenistan
Customer: Mr Dovlet
In 2017, we installed a 6000bph@1.5L carbonated drink production line in Turkmenistan. This is our first 60 heads carbonated drink filling line in Middle Asia. Thanks for customer’s confidence,it is significant for Fillex to open up the Middle Asian market.
Carbonated Drink Filling Machine Sent to Slovenia

Today, we will have the corbonated drink filling machine for delivery to Slovenia.

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PET Plastic Bottle Blowing Process Introduction

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