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FILLEX Machinery Co., Ltd.

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 our main products including : Water filling machine, carbonated soft drink filling machine, Juice filling machine, sticker labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine, stretch labeling machine, etc.

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 we have water filling line, juice filling line, carbonated drinks filling line, oil filling line, can filling line, come to know more.

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Complete line service of filling & packaging solutions. Mainly for liquids such as pure water, fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, beer,wine, oil ,condiments, cosmetics ,dairy products and so on. we also provide  labeling machine, packaing machine.

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Are you interested in our products?  We produce  Bottle blowing machine,bottle filling machine, beverage canning Line, 5 Gallon water filling line, labeling machine, packaging machine and etc.Give us your contact information for more information.

FILLEX Machinery

FILLEX was established in 2006, possessed with 10000 square meters standard workshop and more than 60 professional workers. FILLEX has adhered to our long-term concept of "Filling Your Ideas" and "Packing Your Ideas" with professional engineering team.
We provide complete solutions for blow molding, water treatment, beverage processing systems, filling and packaging solutions. Mainly for liquids such as pure water, fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, beer,wine, condiments, cosmetics and so on.
Established in 2006
10000 square meters standard workshop
More than 60 professional workers

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  Do you want to know more news about filling machine, labeling machine or other products? We continue to update relevant news, please pay attention.

07 January 2021
Precautions for water filling machine

When you go to every supermarket, you will see mineral water. The packaging of mineral water is inseparable from the water filling machine. The correct use of water filling machine can make it work better. The water filling machine plays an important role in the quality of mineral water. Here are some precautions for water filling machine. I believe that after you understand these precautions, you can better operate the water filling machine, thereby increasing the output and quality. If you are interested, let us get started.

05 January 2021
Is the water filling machine sanitary?

In life, we can see bottled water everywhere. Bottled water plays an important role in our lives. We often drink bottled water to supplement the water we need in life. Because mineral water is very convenient. We know that mineral water is filled into plastic buckets or plastic bottles through a water filling machine . Therefore, many people are concerned with the hygiene of the water filling machine . Don't worry, the water filling machine is very clean, and the mineral water filled by the water filling machine has no hygiene problems. This article will explain to you why the water filling machine is hygienic from three aspects.

02 January 2021
How to use water filling machine?

According to statistics, the size of China's mineral water market in 2019 was 40.05 billion yuan, and the export volume of China's mineral water in 2019 was 316,600 kiloliters. While the mineral water market continues to expand, the demand for water filling machines is also increasing. We know that water filling machine is an indispensable machine for pure water packaging. So how to use water filling machine? Different water filling machines may use different methods. This article will introduce you to the common use methods and precautions of water filling machines.

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