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The automatic oil filling production line is mainly used for quantitative filling of various oil liquids, such as edible oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, oil, antifreeze and so on. we also provide high speed oil filling line, fully automatic oil filling line.


Oil Filling Bottling Machine Production Line

CAD Configuration


Vacuum suction
The vacuum back suction device of filling machine can ensure that the nozzle does not drop oil during production.
Flowmeter type filling
The filling machine model is a flowmeter type filling machine. It is suitable for filling of different viscosity,The required filling amount can be set arbitrarily in the design range.
Automatic control
Arbitrarily set the required filling amount in the design range, fast and slow filling computer automatic control to avoid oil frothing and overflow.
High precision flow meter
The use of high-precision flowmeters ensures metering accuracy and is easy and quick to operate.

01 . Bottle Blow Moulding System

bottle blow molding machine
VS series automatic bottle blowing machine is developed by our company according to the most advanced bottle making technology in the world. It has a high degree of automation, machine performance is stable and reliable, simple structure, high efficiency, power saving, low noise and the characteristics of products not polluted by the intermediate links, maximum 2 l plastic bottle blowing, is suitable for blowing to PET as raw material of any shape of carbonated beverage bottle, non-gas beverage bottle, pure water, mineral water bottles, juice beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, large diameter and high temperature resistant bottles and other packaging container.

02 . Filling System

Oil filling equipment/automatic oil filling machine can be suitable for small packaging filling, linear filling, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, viscous or non-viscous control devices, corrosive liquids such as chemical substances in the factory, Liquids, everyday chemicals, etc. The adjustment parameters are simpler and more convenient. The design of the machine is highly recognizable. The company's assets are very advantageous. The appearance of the machine refers to the international machine equipment design concept.

03 . Labeling System

 It is suitable for labeling before and after filling when the bottle type label is required for pasting. Mainly used in beverage, daily chemical, condiment and other industries.  
The hot melt adhesive series labeling machine is a new generation of labeling equipment that adopts the latest research results.  It can meet the requirements of round bottles, square bottles, and oval bottles on different production lines.

04 . Packing System

packing system

Carton wrapping machine is widely used for the packaging of PET bottles and can be used as an alternative to the case packing machine and its accessory equipment to increase production capacity while saving production costs.


The automatic control system has strong system expansion capabilities, networking capabilities, and good openness. The combination of servo control and photoelectric sensor enables the machine to be controlled effectively and improves work efficiency.


05 . Palletizing System


 It is used in the industries of beer food and beverage, the chemical, etc., to stack various types of bottles and bags. 


With a small occupied area, easy adjustment and large production capacity, it is particularly suitable for space-constrained layout plans and is suitable for a variety of fascia boards and boxes. The change of production line only needs to modify the software program.  Flexible handling and handling can simultaneously ensure the operation of multiple production lines.


06 . Conveyor System

oil conveyor
To convey the filled bottles out to the labeling machine and post packaging machine by chain-plate;ABS chain plate, 304 stainless steel frame...


6000bph@1L Cooking Oil Filling Line

Country: Vietnam
Customer: Thanh
In 2015,we installed a 6000bph@1L cooking oil filling line in Vietnam.After two times visit,customer decide cooperate with us.Mr Thanh said he recognize our company ,not only the high quality machines,also our company culture.People are very nice,every time he came,just like back to home.
2 in 1 oil filling machine

The equipment I told you before is containerized, and it will be cheaper if it is packaged in bulk. Product introduction of automatic linear edible oil filling machineThis fully automatic linear edible oil filling machine adopts technology. The design adopts mechanical-based linear motion. Imported

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Types of labeling machines

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Working steps of bottle blow moulding machine

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