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With systems from FILLEX for filling non-sparkling water, you can rely on our high quality and ideal hygienic conditions combined with maximum cost and energy efficiency. Whichever container shape you prefer - we will find the best solution for your requirements.
All of our lines are equipped with technologically sophisticated single machines that cover each phase of the production process: from water treatment, blower, filling, labeling, packing and palletizing up to including inspection and complete sanitizing. These machines are available in a wide variety of capacities to optimally meet your individual needs.


Production Line

CAD Configuration


With high-quality equipment, perfect service, and powerful turn-key service capability, we also produce high speed water filling line, 3 in 1 water filling line, large bottle water filling line, small bottle water filling line, large bottle water filling line, etc.
Fillex constantly seeks out the layout and helps customers realize and surpass their dreams according to their actual conditions and product characteristics.
Easy Operation, Kinds of languages for choosing, English, Thailand, Russian, Arabia, Spanish, Franch.
If the equipment is in a state of emergency, you can contact our service engineer. After received customer's maintenance notice within 24 hours we guarantee that engineers will help solve the problem immediately.

01 . Water Treatment System

  It is suitable for such water treatment equipment as pure water, mineral water, and beverage process water. 
  It is mainly composed of the following equipment: Pre-treatment System (multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, ion exchanger, Millipore filter), membrane separation System (Ultrafilter, nanometer filter, RO System), electrodialysis device, sterilization System (UV device, ozone device) and so on.

02 . Bottle Blow Moulding Machine


  The automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for water bottle, oil bottle, medicine, juice bottle, seasoning bottle, carbonated beverage, cosmetic bottle and other packaging containers. 


  Servo high-speed bottle blowing machine has a stable infrared heating system, the infrared lamp can realize stepless pressure regulation, the bottle embryo pitch is small, the heating efficiency is high, and the heating energy consumption is reduced by 30-40%.  


03 . Water Filling Machine

This machine contains 3 parts: Rinser, Filler and Capper and it works harmoniously with an air-conveyor belt, It holds the bottles by the neck, thus, reducing the possibility of bottles falling over during conveying process.
Applicable Products: Pure water, mineral water, spring water, etc.
Suitable Container: PET bottles of various shapes and capacities

04 . Labeling Machine

  It is suitable for labeling before and after filling when the bottle type label is required for pasting. Mainly used in beverage, daily chemical, condiment and other industries.  
The hot melt adhesive series labeling machine is a new generation of labeling equipment that adopts the latest research results.  It can meet the requirements of round bottles, square bottles, and oval bottles on different production lines.

05 . Packing System


  It is widely used in the combination packaging of beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. No matter whether it is square, round, or flat, it can be packaged and has excellent visual effects. It is the preferred matching equipment for beer and beverage filling production lines.


  This machine adopts multi-axis servo motor synchronous control technology, film cooling technology, film tension control technology and bottle pressure-free control technology.  


06 . Conveyor System

  Modular design has been used for the conveyor belt structure, which is compact, low-noise, and convenient in installation and maintenance. It is easy to replace the components. It is flexible to combine each part together according to different capabilities, bottle types.
  The control method can be designed according to the customer’s floor plan requirements, and the required electrical control elements can be selected to further improve the smoothness of the delivery. 

07 . Palletizer


  It is used in the industries of beer food and beverage, the chemical, etc., to stack various types of bottles and bags. 


With a small occupied area, easy adjustment and large production capacity, it is particularly suitable for space-constrained layout plans and is suitable for a variety of fascia boards and boxes. The change of production line only needs to modify the software program.  Flexible handling and handling can simultaneously ensure the operation of multiple production lines.


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