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18000BPH Water Filling Line Delivery to Ethiopoia

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Fillex 2 complete 18000BPH water filling production line delivery to Ethiopia

Bottle water filling line water plant machinery:
1. (Making bottle) Full automatic or semi automatic bottle blow molding machine 
2. (Water purifier treatment) RO pure water purification machine / UF mineral water filtration machine.
3. (Filling water liquid powder granule) Bottle washing filling capping machine.
4. (Labeling bottle) Shrink sleeve labeling machine, Sticker adhesive labeling machine, Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine, Cold Glue Labeling Machine, Semi Automatic Labeling Machine
5. (Printing the date on the bottle water) Date printer.
6. (Packing the bottle water) Film shrink wrapping machine, Carton wrapping packing machine, Pallet wrapping machine, Palletizer.


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