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Successful Delivery And Installation Of 6L Bottle Water Line Equipment To Our Client In Malaysia

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Over the years, the bottled water manufacturing industry in Malaysia has become more competitive.


This is so due to a huge demand for clean, safe, well-packaged drinking water produced using a high-quality filling machine.


As a reputable and renowned bottle water filling line equipment manufacturer, we at Fillex have stood tall to give a thriving edge to our clients across various nations of the world.


It is for this reason that one of our Malaysian clients trusted us to supply high-quality 6L bottle water line equipment to him, and the equipment was successfully shipped and installed in their production facility.


The pieces of equipment were strictly manufactured based on the specifications of our client and when they were tested, they worked perfectly well.



Below are the various machines included in the complete bottle water filling machine line equipment shipped to our client in Malaysia.


1. The bottle blowing machine

First in the list of machines that were shipped to our Malaysian client is the bottle blowing machine.


The bottle blowing machine is used to blow and mold the melted plastic that has been formed into the desired shape of the filling container our client desires to use.


2. Filling machine

The filling machines sometimes called dosing machines were produced under strict compliance with the exact specification received from our client.  


And just like other high-quality filling machines which we are known to manufacture, the filling machine was designed with apt accuracy to measure the quantity of liquid and fill the bottles with the right amount of water required.


Since this is the only component of a complete water filling machine that has direct contact with the liquid, we ensure that it is designed with reliability in terms of the quality and hygiene of the product.


For this reason, the filling machine shipped to our client in Malaysia was designed with absolute ease of cleaning.


3. Labeling machines


Labeling machines print, dispense, and apply labels to the finished water bottles.  


The labels can be for different purposes such as bar codes, pricing, inventory control, product information, and shipping address.  


Since the complete 6L water line equipment sent to our Malaysian client is a fully automatic machine, the labeling machine has no need for an operator.


Instead, it has a logical control system, a labeling applicator, and a conveyor that is easy to use by almost any user.


4. Cartoning machine


Sometimes called a cartoner, a cartooning machine is a packaging machine that is used to form cartons in different shapes and sizes.


A cartooning machine can perform different operations such as making a carton closed seamed, side-seamed, erect, closed, sealed, or folded.  


This machine picks a piece from a pile of folded cartons, makes it erect.


It then horizontally fills it with a number of bottled water (either manually or automatically) through an opened end and closes the carton by tucking the end folds and applying an adhesive or glue. 


5. Ring Pressing Machine

Also inclusive in the list of our premium quality 6L water line equipment which was sent to our client in Malaysia is the ring pressing machine also known as the cap slitting machine.


Designed with the best quality of slitting blades, the ring pressing machine was carefully designed to slit caps at various speeds that complement our client's production rate.


What Did Our Malaysian Client Say?

After the installation and testing of the complete 6L water line equipment shipped to our client in Malaysia, we were glad to receive an encouraging response from him. This he said


“I am exceedingly overwhelmed at the quality of machines manufactured by the Fillex team. Most importantly is their effort to design all my machines according to the exact specifications given to them, and the delivery was super fast. I look forward to having more equipment from this team of industrious water filling machine manufacturers."


In Need of a reputable bottle water filling line equipment manufacturer?

We are always ready to support our clients and prospective clients to have the best production experience with each piece of equipment we deliver.


Kindly can contact us for a great deal on water filling machines and other related machines from us.

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