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Can filling line

The can filling line is a beverage filling and sealing equipment, mainly used for washing, filling and sealing aluminum two-piece cans, such as coke, soda, iced tea and other gas-containing drinks. Dedicated to two aluminum cans containing gas beverage, such as beer, carbonated drinks,juice, energy drink filling production.

Through the automatic tank feeding of the cans, the processes of automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic canning and packaging, etc., the labor production efficiency is greatly improved, and the filling of the canned beverages with quality and quantity is provided with a reliable guarantee.

The process flow


Water Treatment


Beverage Processing


Depalletizing System


Filling System


Packing System


Palletizing System


Conveyor System

Production Line
CAD Configuration

Why Choose Fillex CAN Filling Line?


The machine has the characteristics of fast filling speed, stable operation of the whole machine, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance.

high working efficiency

When the can filling line is in use, it is a passive drive so that the filling and sealing keep complete synchronization.


The filling valve of the can filling line adopts automatic spring valve, the liquid level control adopts mechanical floating barrel type, which is reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


The power input interface of the can filling line can be connected with various can sealing machines, and the production capacity can be adjusted by frequency conversion of the can sealing machine.

Water Treatment System

RO is a technique of separating solutes from solvents of the same solution by means of selection and interception by the semi-permeable membranes, when driven by pressure.Use of reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial toxins and most organic matter and other impurities, desalination rate is generally 98% or more. RO reverse osmosis equipment has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation of the process, small size, simple operation, strong adaptability.

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Beverage Processing System

The beverage processing system is based on the characteristics of different kinds of fruit juice to develop the production process. According to the formulation of juice drinks, to design the juice mixing process...

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Depalletizing System

The main function of palletizing machine is to palletizing all kinds of metal cans, glass bottles and heavy plastic bottles by layers, which can be used in filling line...

Filling System

Juice Filling Machine works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt. It holds the bottles by the neck when transporting. Juice Filling Machine is used to fill juice into pet bottle and with screw caps capping function...

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Packing System

Fillex has different type of packaging machine for choose. PE film shrink wrapping machine, carton packing machine and etc...

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Palletizing System

The Automatic Palletizer puts different products in a fixed order and stack them on the pallet automatically. Number of product and layers can be set, easy for the fork moves the full pallet into storehouse...

Conveyor System

To convey the filled bottles out to the labeling machine and post packaging machine by chain-plate;ABS chain plate, 304 stainless steel frame;PLC control, automatic conveying speed adjustable


300CPM Energy Can Production Line

Country: Thailand

Customer: Hendri

In 2016,we installed a 300CPM complete Energy Can production Line in Thailand.We met customer in Exhibition,after exhibition,customer invite us to visit their factory,after detail discussion we gave them a very professional proposal,finally customer choose us to help them complete this line.

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