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The can filling production line is a beverage filling and sealing equipment, mainly used for washing, filling and sealing aluminum two-piece cans, such as coke, soda, iced tea and other gas-containing drinks. Dedicated to two aluminum cans containing gas beverage, such as beer, carbonated drinks,juice, energy drink filling production, our main product have high speed can filling line, fully automatic can filling line.
Through the automatic tank feeding of the cans, the processes of automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic canning and packaging, etc., the labor production efficiency is greatly improved, and the filling of the canned beverages with quality and quantity is provided with a reliable guarantee.


Can Filling Production Line

CAD Configuration


The machine has the characteristics of fast filling speed, stable operation of the whole machine, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance.
When the can filling line is in use, it is a passive drive so that the filling and sealing keep complete synchronization.
The filling valve of the can filling line adopts automatic spring valve, the liquid level control adopts mechanical floating barrel type, which is reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
The power input interface of the can filling line can be connected with various can sealing machines, and the production capacity can be adjusted by frequency conversion of the can sealing machine.

01 . Water Treatment System

water treatment
RO is a technique of separating solutes from solvents of the same solution by means of selection and interception by the semi-permeable membranes, when driven by pressure.Use of reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial toxins and most organic matter and other impurities, desalination rate is generally 98% or more. RO reverse osmosis equipment has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation of the process, small size, simple operation, strong adaptability.

02 . Beverage Processing System

beverage processing system
  Blending system refers to the equipment combination that the various raw and auxiliary materials and process water are extracted or dissolved by various process units according to the pre-determined process parameters, and then mixed and fixed to obtain semi-finished products; its main modules include hot water unit, saccharose filter sterilizing unit, juice/tea powder reconstitution unit, auxiliary material dissolving unit, tea extracting and filtering unit, powdered milk reconstitution mixing unit, blending constant volume unit, CIP cleaning unit, pipe unit, electrical control and central control units.

03 . Depalletizing System

The main function of palletizing machine is to palletizing all kinds of metal cans, glass bottles and heavy plastic bottles by layers, which can be used in filling line...

04 . Filling System

can filling machine
Juice Filling Machine works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt. It holds the bottles by the neck when transporting. Juice Filling Machine is used to fill juice into pet bottle and with screw caps capping function...

05 . Packing System

can packaging

  Carton wrapping machine is widely used for the packaging of PET bottles and can be used as an alternative to the case packing machine and its accessory equipment to increase production capacity while saving production costs.


The automatic control system has strong system expansion capabilities, networking capabilities, and good openness. The combination of servo control and photoelectric sensor enables the machine to be controlled effectively and improves work efficiency. 


06 . Palletizing System


  It is used in the industries of beer food and beverage, the chemical, etc., to stack various types of bottles and bags. 


With a small occupied area, easy adjustment and large production capacity, it is particularly suitable for space-constrained layout plans and is suitable for a variety of fascia boards and boxes. The change of production line only needs to modify the software program.  Flexible handling and handling can simultaneously ensure the operation of multiple production lines.


07 . Conveyor System

can conveyor
To convey the filled bottles out to the labeling machine and post packaging machine by chain-plate;ABS chain plate, 304 stainless steel frame;PLC control, automatic conveying speed adjustable


300CPM Energy Can Production Line

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In 2016,we installed a 300CPM complete Energy Can production Line in Thailand.We met customer in Exhibition,after exhibition,customer invite us to visit their factory,after detail discussion we gave them a very professional proposal,finally customer choose us to help them complete this line.
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canning line, a machine that efficiently fills various beverages into cans. canning line is welcomed by enterprises in the market with its excellent work ability. The canning line is composed of three parts, namely the cleaning station, the filling station and the capping machine. Each part has its own role. This article will help you understand the working steps of canning line. If you are interested, please read on.

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