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Working steps of canning line

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canning line, a machine that efficiently fills various beverages into cans. canning line is welcomed by enterprises in the market with its excellent work ability. The canning line is composed of three parts, namely the cleaning station, the filling station and the capping machine. Each part has its own role. This article will help you understand the working steps of canning line. If you are interested, please read on.


1. About the cleaning station of the canning line

2. About the filling station of the canning line

3. About canning line capping machine


1. About the cleaning station of the canning line

The canning line consists of a box, sliding and spraying devices, etc. First, the empty cans will pass through the slide rail and be cleaned by the spray device to ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of the empty cans. The beverage canning plant has special equipment so that the empty can can be turned upside down and completely cleaned by the spray device. After the tank has no moisture, the slide rail device of the canning line will send the empty tank to the next part.


2. About the filling station of the canning line

The canning line adopts advanced German technology to ensure the high efficiency and sanitation of the filling process. The beverage can filler seamer selects the two-machine separation model, and uses the two-in-one method to connect the canning line's filling station and the capping machine. This design makes the machine more compact, more stable, and beautiful in appearance. The canning line uses the principle of back pressure to work, and uses high-precision mechanical valves to ensure that the filled liquid volume is accurate and hygienic. The large cans of the beverage canning plant will flow to the empty cans through 14 small pipes. The liquid level of the empty cans rises, blocking the return air, the canning line stops filling, and the filling is completed.


3. About canning line capping machine

As we mentioned earlier, the filling and sealing of the canning line is designed as a whole, which can improve work efficiency and make the machine more beautiful. The whole canning lin is made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to be corroded and the quality is guaranteed. After the filling is completed, the distribution valve of the canning line slowly releases the gas pressure under the influence of the blockage, and the canister continues to descend. After the cans come out, the hook chain of the canning line will send them to the sealing machine for sealing. When sealing, the canning line will pre-seal the sealing wheel before sealing. After the sealing is completed, it will be sent to the conveyor belt. It is worth mentioning that the beverage can filler seamer has a recognition function, it will automatically stop when the tank is missing, and it will not continue to work until the problem is solved.


The above is all the content of this article. I hope this article can resolve your doubts. If you want to buy canning line, please contact us. We are a professional manufacturer, able to provide you with quality products, such as energy drink canning line,beverage can filler seamer。We will be the choice you won't regret.

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