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Two Sets OPP Labeling Machine are Shipped to Indonesia

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12000BPH &15000BPH OPP Labeling Machine Delivery to Indonesia 

Why choose Opp Labeling Machine? Whats difference between OPP Label and PVC Label?

Opp Plastic label have advantage of environmental non-toxic,attractive appearance and low price, it has some difference between traditional PVC shrink label as following:

1.Exquisite designs,deformation: Pvc label is attached to bottle so it needs to shrink, so the pattern is easily deformed;

2.Color will not change:the pattern is printed on the inside of OPP label film, which is attached to the surface; but the pattern is printed on the outside of PVC label film which will be irradiated directly by the sun, the pattern on the label is easy to change color, in particular when liquid benzene or alcohol in the bottle,the pattern on the label which is easy to fade;

3. Low price:

A. for example,one same size label,OPP label is lighter than PVC label half;OPP label density is 0.92,but PVC label density is 1.45; OPp label thickness normally is 38u,but PVC label thickness just have 50u.

B.OPP label is attached closely to bottle, but PVC labels need to set loose into the bottle, and then shrink, so you need a larger size PVC label.

C.PVC shrink labels need to make rolled into a tubular shape, it will increase a process ,so also waste cost; while OPP do not need; D.One same volume roll label,the number of OPP label is almost equal to four rolls of PVC label, it will save shipping cost and paper core.And in summer.PyC label need to use special refrigerated transport vehicles which is of higher shipping costs

With the hot melt glue labeling machine technology development and people's environmental requirements and high product packing requirements from manufacturer,OPP labelwill get more and more applications



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