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Oil Weight filling Machine

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Weight filling is the way to go

Weight filling technology is considered the most reliable, clean and efficient for the filling of edible oil. This type of filling is particularly appreciated for the fact that it avoids overfills: by measuring the weight directly in the container (net weight), the weight filling system takes into account the changes in pressure, temperature or nature of the oil, and adapts to intrinsic changes of the product during production cycle.

The  weight filler has outstanding accuracy and precision that make it a perfect fit in Sincro-Bloc lines for edible oils. It is also very clean, benefitting from Fillex’s extensive experience in development and production of systems for a wide range beverage products, including sensitive ones. Components throughout are in stainless steel, helping make cleanliness easy to maintain.

Smaller, cleaner, more economic – unit integration fits the bill

By integrating production of the containers with filling, capping and further downstream operations into one line, edible oil producers can save on investments in bottle conveyor and storage systems, and ensure a higher level of product cleanliness as well as a low footprint on the factory floor. In addition, integration of the blowing and filling operations makes it possible to use lighter bottles.

Fillex’s expertise in bottle design is the icing on the cake

A further improvement in production efficiency can be achieved by having Fillex help in the design of high performance and attractive bottles that perform the best on the line. Fillex can bring its know-how to bear on development of bottles with improved ergonomics—particularly important with edible oil bottles.Fillex has extensive experience in the creation of designs with integrated and embossed grips, and also of designs with separate handles. Bottles can be as small as one liter, or as large as 30. But whatever the size, they will look great on the shelf.




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