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Working steps of labeling machine

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Automated labeling equipment has made a huge difference in the packaging industry. On the other hand, manufacturers are trying to focus their attention on complex areas of packaging such as labeling sections and designing machine components to make the process highly user-friendly. Automated machines are not only effective in terms of performance, but also save time, expenses and most importantly a much smaller percentage of waste.

But you may encounter difficulties in using them. Read this article for more information on how to use labeling machines and how to use them.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of labeling machine:

1) Basics of Labeling machine

2) Steps to turn on the labeling machine

3) How does automatic labeling equipment work?


1) Basics of Labeling machine

Easy labeling with the help of machines - Labeling machines are designed to label different types of products such as bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, pet cans, containers of different sizes, etc. These machines have replaced the need to rely on human labor for each procedure.

Environmental requirements before using the labeling machine.

The ambient temperature is relatively dry. A place where there is less dust. A place where there is no water, oil or chemical splash. Do not use in the place of explosive, flammable hazardous materials.

You need to check whether the labeling machine current and voltage are normal before using the labeling machine. You need staff to check that the transfer conveyor belt, labeling head, machine table, etc. are free of foreign objects. Put can use the labeling machine.


2) Steps to turn on the labeling machine

Turn on the main power switch. Turn on the power switch on the left side of the labeling machine. After the labeling machine is turned on, enter the password on the touch screen to enter the system. After the label paper is installed on the labeling machine, you can adjust various parameters through the touch screen. Debug the position of the measuring electric eye and adjust the sensitivity of the measuring electric eye. Adjust the suitable speed. Adjust the labeling position to ensure that the label peeling part is aligned with the labeling position. Press the run button, the system operation. Labeling machine after normal use, remember to shut down the machine, power off.


3) How does automatic labeling equipment work?

How does automatic labeling equipment work? Automatic labeling equipment has completely replaced the labor required to handle multiple tasks. With the help of automated machines, industries can well realize that the labor cost of handling labeling requirements has been reduced to a great extent as all labeling techniques are performed by machines except for the operational part.

There are different types of labeling equipment labeling equipment, each designed either to meet common industrial requirements or to be customized according to customer requirements. Manufacturers are also interested in offering custom labeling machine designs, which include bottle labeling machines, top labeling machines, ampoule labeling machines, etc. Labels for different products and the subsequent machines to be handled a bottle labeling machine is ideal for applying labels on glass and plastic bottles. The attraction of this machine is that it can perform the labeling process on many bottles in a short time. Similarly, can labeling machines and CD labeling machines are special machines designed to handle cans and CDs.


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