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4000-6000BPH Big Bottle Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

  • AL-200RL
  • 8422301090


1. It can realize product positioning and labeling, using mechanical positioning, using the appearance and shape of the container itself to find positioning points, which improves the reliability of the equipment.

2. The header can be adjusted in multi-dimensional space: the header can realize 8-dimensional space adjustment, inclination adjustment, additional position display, accurate positioning adjustment. All adjustment mechanisms can be adjusted quickly without tools.

3. All structural parts are processed by numerical control, and the parts are matched with high precision to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.

4. The screw and star wheel are used to match the bottle in and out to ensure smooth and stable product in and out during high-speed operation.

5. 750W high power, strong moment and ultra-small inertia are sent to the imported servo motor, and the labeling speed can reach 60m/min.

6. The production speed can reach 6000 bottles per hour, and it can be connected to the high-speed filling line for production, which greatly improves the production speed and saves the production cost.

Technical Parameter

Labeling speed: 4000-6000 barrels/hour

Marking speed: 60m/min

Labeling accuracy: ±1mm

Maximum labeling width: 195mm

Applicable label roll inner diameter: diameter 76.2mm

Applicable label roll outer diameter: diameter 400mm

Machine size: L3048*W2000*H2100 (mm)

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