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FILLEX 2020 Spring Festival Holiday Announcement

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Dear Customers,


We are pleased to announce the holiday arrangement below for the coming Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year Break:

All administration offices will be closed from Jan 24th – Jan 30th, 2020, and resume to normal service on Jan 31st, 2020.


Happy Chinese New Year-Fillex

During the holidays, staff members generally would not be required to report duties except that respective duties and work is needed. Junior Residence Assistants, who may need to provide regular services during this period, will follow their own work arrangements and schedule. We will continue to manufacture best products for you and provide reasonable prices such as carbonated can filling machine price etc.


As Chinese New Year approaches, we wish you and your family a joyous new year, filled with happiness and good luck in 2020. For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration. The 2020 Chinese New Year is the year of rat in Chinese Zodiac, which is believed to represent smart, fast, fast-thinking and peaceful. We wish you happiness and joy in 2020!


FILLEX is a professional 5-10l water filling machine supplier, thanks for your kind attention and support in 2019. We look forward to cooperating with you again in 2020. Please feel free to contact us by sales@fillex-packer.com or +86-13962216508.


Best Regards!

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