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Types of bottle blow moulding machine

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As we all know,  bottle blow moulding machine is a machine that can efficiently produce beverage bottles. Now there are different styles of plastic bottles on the market. In order to make different beverage bottles, the  bottle blow moulding machine has also introduced different types to meet the needs of customers. This article will introduce the types of bottle blow moulding machine. If you are interested, please keep reading.


1. 0.3-2l bottle blow moulding machine

2. 5l bottle blow moulding machine

3. Automatic bottle blow moulding machine


1. 0.3-2l bottle blow moulding machine

Usually the beverage plastic bottles we see in supermarkets can be produced by 0.3-2l  bottle blow moulding machine. Whether it is an easy-to-carry beverage plastic bottle or a 2l beverage plastic bottle, it can give you a satisfactory product.

0.3-2l bottle blow moulding machine adopts servo single channel and can be preformed. Its aluminum alloy high-pressure blow molding compound valve can be equipped with a gas recovery device. This design can reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. 0.3-2l PET bottle blower adopts PID constant control oven for preform heating and exhausting, with excellent heating function. Plastic preforms of different capacities can be fully heated. The 0.3-2l bottle blow moulding machine has more stable working performance and can provide you with higher output with lower energy consumption.

2. 5l bottle blow moulding machine

The large beverage bottles that we usually see on water dispensers are processed by a 5l  bottle blow moulding machine.

5l bottle blow moulding machine adopts PCL computer control, so its performance is stable. The operator can easily operate it. At the same time, its mold replacement is also very simple, and the replacement work can be completed within half an hour. 5l  bottle blow moulding machine adopts imported components, choosing German FESTO and Japanese SMC gas components, and the quality is guaranteed. The low pressure control system is matched with FESTO, which makes the 5l  bottle blow moulding machine work more efficient. The 5l  bottle blow moulding machine adopts energy-saving design, and the mechanical part has a compact and reasonable structure, which saves energy to the greatest extent.

3. Automatic  bottle blow moulding machine

The automatic  bottle blow moulding machine is the most popular  bottle blow moulding machine on the market now, because it can efficiently produce high-quality plastic bottles.

The automatic PET bottle blower adopts infrared heating method, and its excellent heat dissipation and heat permeability provide it with a strong heating capacity, which can meet the heating requirements of fast-moving preforms. Infrared heating lamps are placed on three heating zones, and the horizontal position of each lamp is adjustable, so the automatic  bottle blow moulding machine is very flexible. The automatic  bottle blow moulding machine supports simple USB program upgrades, which is convenient for operators to upgrade equipment and eliminate equipment failures. The automatic daily product bottle making machine adopts a four-plate toggle clamping unit, which not only provides a strong clamping force for the machine, but also increases the clamping speed.

In addition to the four-plate toggle clamping device, the automatic plastic bottle blowing machine also has a high-pressure auxiliary clamping device, which is specially used for clamping products.


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