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6 Cavity Servo Bottle Blow Molding Machine Delivered to Surabaya, Indonesia

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Today, The 6 cavity servo bottle blow molding machine from our factory is delivered to Surabaya, Indonesia.

water bottle blow moulding machine

Servo high-speed bottle blowing machine has a stable infrared heating system, the infrared lamp can realize stepless pressure regulation, the bottle embryo pitch is small, the heating efficiency is high, and the heating energy consumption is reduced by 30-40%. Servo drive spacing change system, fast embryo pick-up servo, accurate embryo separation pitch. Servo driven mold closing and stretching, bottom mold and mold opening and closing linkage, bilateral pneumatic pressurization compensation, reduce running vibration and noise, realize high-speed accurate mold opening and closing, improve the efficiency and stability of bottle blowing. The bottle blowing machine is equipped with a high-pressure recovery system to reduce the consumption of high-pressure gas by 30%. The mould of bottle blowing machine adopts drawer structure and is equipped with auxiliary device for assembling and disassembling mould, which is safe and time-saving. Man machine interface control, simple operation, high degree of automation. The automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for water bottle, oil bottle, medicine, juice bottle, seasoning bottle, carbonated beverage, cosmetic bottle and other packaging containers.


The bottle blow molding machine has the advantages of small area, high energy efficiency and high productivity per unit time. The device for conveying bottle embryo to heating and extending blow out molding adopts linear mechanism. Blow molding machine is controlled by man-machine interface, simple operation, modular design and easy maintenance. blow molding machine can save cost and increase competitiveness.


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