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Full Automatic 9 Cavity 13500BPH PET Bottle Blower



Servo High Speed Blow Molding Machine

  The automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for water bottle, oil bottle, medicine, juice bottle, seasoning bottle, carbonated beverage,cosmetic bottle and other packaging containers.

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Production Description

  Servo high-speed bottle blowing machine has a stable infrared heating system, the infrared lamp can realize stepless pressure regulation, the bottle embryo pitch is small, the heating efficiency is high, and the heating energy consumption is reduced by 30-40%.

  Servo drive spacing change system, fast embryo pick-up servo, accurate embryo separation pitch. Servo driven mold closing and stretching, bottom mold and mold opening and closing linkage, bilateral pneumatic pressurization compensation, reduce running vibration and noise, realize high-speed accurate mold opening and closing, improve the efficiency and stability of bottle blowing.

  The bottle blowing machine is equipped with a high-pressure recovery system to reduce the consumption of high-pressure gas by 30%.

  The mould of bottle blowing machine adopts drawer structure and is equipped with auxiliary device for assembling and disassembling mould, which is safe and time-saving. Man machine interface control, simple operation, high degree of automation.

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Technical Parameter

Cavity Pitch 76mm
Preform Heating Pitch 76mm
No. of Cav. 2
Max. Container Volume 600ml
Neck Diameter Range 18-38mm
Max. Container Diameter 70mm
Max. Container Height 240mm
Capacity 1000-2000BPH
Power Consumption 25-35KW
Blowing Pressure 2.6-3.2Mpa
Air Consuming 4m3/min
Size 3000*1600*2100mm
Weight 4000Kg
Our Advantages

1.  Servo motor is used to drive the opening and closing die and the bottom die in a continuous structure; Achieve high speed, high precision, stability, light, energy saving, environmental protection effect.

2.  The mold bottle cavity adopts oil heating or electric heating, and the temperature resistance of the bottle is up to 90 ~ 95℃; Single cavity blowing capacity up to 500 ~ 1000 bottles \ cavity \ hours.

3.  Servo motor drives the stepping and stretching system, which greatly improves the speed, flexibility and accuracy of bottle blowing.

4.  High-pressure air blowing with air source recovery system (air source recovery up to 30%) can save 30KW/hour power consumption. It can save the investment cost and floor space of low-voltage air compressor, and achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

5.  Mold positioning and installation, mold replacement can be completed easily and quickly within half an hour.

6.  Human-machine interface control, high automation and simple operation; Small machine area, saving floor space;

7. Scope of application (PET) : hot filling beverage bottles such as juice, tea drinks and functional drinks。

8.Our machine uses keel chain to increase the service life of the chain。

Details Images

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Company Profile

  FILLEX was established in 2006,possessed with 10000 square meters standard workshop and more than 60 professional workers.FILLEX has adhered to our long-term concept  of “Packing Ideas”.During the 15 years since establishment of our company, our products are sold to domestic provinces and cities, also to many other countries like the United States, Canada, Ghana, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia and so on. We provide with them solutions for blow molding, water treatment, juice processing system, filling and packaging solutions. They are mainly for liquids such as pure water, fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, beer, condiments , cosmetics and so on.



Q: What are you main products?
A: Fillex Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 15-year-old manufacturer specializing in the production of complete beverage filling machineryand equipment. Such like : Semi-automatic blow molding machine, automatic blow molding machine, RO water treatment, UF watertreatment, Pure water filling machine, Juice filling machine, Pulp juice filling machine, Beer filling machine, Oil Filling Machine, Wine Filling Machine, Can filling machine, Pet bottle filling machine, Glass bottle filling machine, 5 gallon water filling production line, carbonated soft drink production line, three-in-one filling machine, beverage equipment, etc. bottle unscramber machine, Opp hot glue labeling machine, Shrink Label Machine, shrink wrapping machine, carton packaging machine, UHT, sterilizer, date printer, etc. 
We can help you to build a new beverage factory, can help you design the bottle, design the filling line drawing... Any question about this machine or our factory, please contact us, sincerely serve for you .

Q: How can I install my machine when the blowing machine arrives?
A: We will send the engineers to help you install and test the machines, but the Visa fee, round tickets, accommodation, eating, and the allowance of 80USD per day per person will be on customer's side.
Or the customer can send the engineer to our company to complete the inspection of the goods, as well as the installation and training lessons, but the Visa fee, round tickets, accommodation, eating, and the allowance will be paid by customers .

Q: What's your guarantee or the warranty of the quality of the bottle blowing machine?
A: We offer you high quality machines with 1 years guarantee. we will give u free spare parts in 1 years. If during the warranty period, the quality or specification of the goods is found to be inconsistent with the contractual requirements, or if the goods are found to be defective (including potential defects or the use of unqualified materials, etc.),
the buyer has the right to use the inspection documents issued by the statutory authority. During the warranty period of the
goods, the buyer shall make a claim against the seller.

Q: Where is your company located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.
You can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport and we are warmly welcome to visit us.(Provide pick-up service.)

Q: How can l get some samples?
A: We have no sample.we will send you more pictures and video about this machine, and welcome to visit our factory to see the machine running in the factory.

Q: How about the quality of your blowing machine?
A: Our company guarantees that the products provided are brand new, unused, with the latest design and suitable materials, and comply with the quality, specification and performance of the contract in all respects. And all the electric element we all use the famous brand around the world, such like Schneider, Mitsubishi etc.

Q: What's the delivery time of your blowing machine?
A: 7-45 days after the T/T deposit or L/C.(The premise is to receive customer’s samples and deposit).

Q: What about Product’s material and configuration use?
A: 304 stainless steel, the machine frame material is iron. According to customer requirements, 316 stainless steel is available, complete machine stainless steel, and customers demand specified configuration.

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