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4 in 1 Juice Pulps Filling Machine Delivery to Russian

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Today , 4 in 1 5000BPH Pulp Juice Filling Line Delivery to Russian 

Juice filling machine/Monoblock Pulp Juice Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for package of (in glass bottle, PP or PET bottle)filling beverage with pulp, such as orange juice with pulp, coconut with pulp or other fruit juice with pulp etc
1. The frame is made of stainless steel cover
2. This machine is composed of four parts: Bottle rinsing machine, pulp filling machine, fruit filling machine. And capping machine
3. Filling tank is made of Stainless steel with sanitary treatment
4. All the liquid contact parts are made of stainless steel with sanitary Polish treatment.
5. The machine is featured by accurate liquid level and even pulp.






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