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Types of Packing Machine

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The packaging industry is a large industry made up of many different segments. Each market segment uses specific machines, and these packing machines can assist many different businesses in their packaging processes. We set out to identify the most versatile packing machines that can serve the widest range of businesses worldwide.

We were unable to determine, in any order, which machines were the most frequently used packaging machines worldwide. Instead, our team produces the most versatile packaging machines that offer a wide range of business types. We hope this will inform our readers and provide you with a reference for purchasing the right packaging machine.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of packing machine:

1) Labeling machine

2) Tape Machines

3) Conveyors

4) Filling machines

5) Sealing Machines

6) Strapping/Strapping Machines

7) Stretch wrapping machines


1) Labeling machine

A labeling machine is a type of packing machine. Labeling and coding machines are used in industrial, retail, food and pharmaceutical packaging applications. Most packaged products use some form of labeling or coding. Labeling machines are used to apply brand labels to advertisements and/or bar codes for inventory and batch management.


2) Tape Machines

A tape machine is a type of packing machine. Carton sealers are used in most packaging applications where corrugated boxes are used. Tape guns are used for smaller operations, but larger volumes require the use of a sealer for effective packaging. Manual and automatic case sealers are used for retail, food, industrial and pharmaceutical bulk packaging.


3) Conveyors

Conveyors can be considered an essential part of every packing machine. Conveyors can be used for many different types of packaging machines. Conveyors transport products from one location to another. A variety of conveyors are used within the packaging industry. The main factor in determining the type of conveyor is the use of power.

Electric conveyors require a power source to power them. Non-powered conveyors use gravity for product transport. The type and manufacture of the conveyor used to depend on the product being packaged. Different package shapes and sizes require different conveyor rollers and belts for smooth transport.


4) Filling machines

Filling machines are common packing machines. although filling machines are most commonly used, they are not specifically used in the food packaging industry. Filling machines are used to fill liquids, grains and other products into containers. The precision and accuracy of a filling machine helps to maintain a consistent product for the consumer efficiently.


5) Sealing Machines

Sealing machines are often used in conjunction with filling and packaging machines. Sealers can be used in many forms of flexible packaging applications. Many products in industrial, retail, pharmaceutical and food packaging are sealed using heat sealers. Sealers are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. They are available for small operations and fully automated operations.

Heat sealers use heat to melt plastics or adhesives together to seal packages. Heat sealers are used worldwide for many different products to help prevent product tampering and contamination.


6) Strapping/Strapping Machines

A strapping machine is also a packing machine. Its most popular use is to reinforce heavy boxes during shipping and retail sales. Polypropylene strapping is strong and durable and can be applied quickly for added security. Strapping machines use heat to repair the ends for long-lasting reinforcement.

Another common use for strapping machines is for bundling applications. Strapping can help combine multiple products together and protect products for shipping. Strapping is excellent for securing longer objects, such as wood and metal rods.


7) Stretch wrapping machines

Stretch wrappers can be found in warehouses around the world. The alternative to pallet wrapping is to apply stretch film by hand. After producing more than 8-12 pallets per day, most companies choose a machine.

Although most stretch wrappers are found in industrial applications, they are already in use in thousands of different businesses around the world. Many bulk packaged products are wrapped on a pallet using a stretch wrapper before being delivered to retail stores.

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