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Automatic Half Tray Shrink Wrapping Packing Machine for Beer Water

shrink wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping and packaging of such products as pop-top, mineral water, bottles beer, drinks etc without bottom-tyay(or with bottom-tray). Working with PE shrink tunnel to pack the goods perfectly.
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Suitable for beer, beverage, juice, bottled water, dairy, condiment, etc.

Unique film unwinding device and film constant tension conveying, film instantaneous cutting, automatic lap coating, high shrinkage after shrinking

The shrinking chamber adopts a unique hot air circulation structure, the mesh belt transmission stable, the wear resistance level is high, and the service life is long.

Adopting circulating cloud wind technology, unique structure, heat insulation, high temperature control precision and good packaging effect.

Specially designed and manufactured for the high-speed packing requirements of drinks (pure water, beverage, juice, and dairy product).During the product forward conveying process, it can automatically group the product into package, so as to save time and enhance packing efficiency.Touch-screen operating panel with user-friendly interface and convenient parameter setup, absolutely an easy-to-operate machine.The ideal model of middle-speed heat-shrinking packager in the domestic market.

Main Features
1.Adopt with PLC automatic program circulation control with stable and reliable performance.
2.The original imported guide bar cylinder guarantee correct operation and durable.
3.The inductive switch controls the membrane transfer system to reliably adjust and control the membrane transfer length with less loss.
4.All the transfer system is controlled by frequency changing devices with stable and smooth transfer speed.
5.Unique thermal passage with 2 sets of centrifugal thermal air circulation system that has an equal heat distribution with beautiful and secure shrinkage effect.
6.three layers of heat insulation treatment with good insulating property,quick temperature rise and energy saving.
7.The enhanced cooling shaping passage can quickly turn the packaging membrane into high strength status that is conveniently stored and transported.
8.It is easy to change the packaging combination and bottle type to integrate the multi-function into one machine.

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