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Principle and Application of Bottle Blowing Machine

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    Blow molding machines perform manufacturing process in which hollow plastic parts are joined together for forming bottles and other commodities.  The process includes melting of plastic, then compressed air is allowed to pass through the tube-like piece with a hole in one end. The air pressure is utilized by pushing into the melted plastic to match the mold. The main applications of blow molding machine include manufacturing of water bottles, soft drink bottles, wide mouth jars, plastic cans, and other containers. The different types of blow molding machines include injection, extrusion, and injection stretch.

    Low labor cost, bulk production, and high demand for molded plastic products drive the market growth. Blow molding is the most flexible process as compared to other molding methods. Therefore, it is widely utilized in industries such as automotive, medical, packaging, food & beverage, and others.

   One of the major factors that drive the overall growth of the market includes escalating demand for blow molding machines in the food & beverages industry to manufacture various packaging and processing components, which include food & beverage containers, processing equipment components, conveyor system components, and others. However, high initial tooling and machinery cost and high threat of substitutes are expected to hamper the blow molding machine market growth.

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