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Features of Blow Molding Machine

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  FILLEX  has recently brought to the market a new generation of flexible PET stretch blow molding machines, part of the existing FL. Output varies for machines on the line from between 3000 and 14 000 bph, while the bottle volume is between 0.1 and 6 L. The product range includes six basic models and  five extra. 

Flexibility. FL series has 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-,6-, 8-cavities configurations. The notion of “flexibility” in terms of FL series by FILLEX stands for:

·    Wide range of preform neck standards. With the same machine, you can produce both 100 mL bottles for sanitizers, for example, and 1 L wide neck jars for coffee.

·     Increase of output of the blow molder you already have. You can buy 4-cavity model with output 7000 bph and then reach 14000 bph! It is enough to install additional cavities in order to make respective changes in the heater.

·     Wide range of bottle formats, from 100 mL up to 6 L. Let’s see how it works with model FL! To produce up to 2-L bottles, the machine has 5 cavities. When you decide to switch to a 1 gallon bottle, the machine is readjusted for 3 cavities.

·     Hot fill option: it is applicable to the whole FL series and is an additional advantage to the features described above.

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