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Plastic / Glass /Bottle Conveyor Can Conveyor

Chain conveyors are one of the most efficient and widely used in material transport systems in modern filling industrial and manufacturing environment due to their flexibility, reliability and easy to maintain. It is widely used in food, filling, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, paper products, condiments, dairy products and tobacco industries.

Product Description 

   It mainly applied for filling of water and juice. Integrating with bottles washing, bottling and capping, it realizes full automation in the whole process, suitable for PET bottles filling of mineral water,pure water and hot filling for juice. The bottle types applicable for various parts are easily, conveniently and rapidly adjustable. It adopts new micro-negative pressure filling, stable and reliable. It adopts bottle neck hanging Technology, no need to change any parts when change the bottle if the diameter of the bottle mouth is same. The machine adopts advanced PLC control system. The input bottle adopts air conveyor device; the output bottle adopts adjustable speed chain plate conveyor, which combines with the transducer of the host machine making the output bottle running more stable and reliable. The photoelectrical inspection of the running condition of various parts makes a higher automation and convenient operation. It is the ideal first-choice equipment of drinking water bottling/filling plant.

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