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Types of Blow Molding Machine

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  The PET stretch blow molding machine market has been segmented in terms of technology type, orientation type, end-user industry, and geography.Based on technology type, the PET stretch blow molding machine market is segmented into single step and two step.

  In terms of orientation type, the market has been categorized into linear and rotary.In terms of end-user industry, the PET stretch blow molding machine market is segmented into food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics, others.

  In a linear blow molding machine, the price is low, the output is moderate, and the compatibility is general.Due to the influence of the arrangement of the transmission chain, the bottle with huge volume change requires to be equipped with diverse types of linear machines.

  The method is ideal for low and medium-volume customers. On the other hand, the rotary blow molding machine offers high output and enhanced stability and versatility. These machines can produce both different bottle mouth as well as bottle type. However, their price is higher than linear machines, so they are ideal for customers with higher output.

  Although, the PET stretch blow molding machine market was negatively impacted during the lockdown announced in different parts of the world, manufacturing of essential commodities worldwide kept running during the global pandemic. At present, several countries have already started the complete opening of factories, including China.

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