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Three Common Faults and Solutions of Labeling Machine

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Automatic labeling machine is favored by packaging industry because of its high stability and various functions, which can effectively reduce the cost of traditional labeling machine. Users in the use of automatic labeling machine in the process of inevitable some small problems, or some small faults, so users need to master the common fault causes and solutions.

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Common fault one: broken label

According to the response of many users, the phenomenon of label breaking often occurs in the operation of the automatic labeling machine, that is, the label is damaged in the process of being pulled. So what should we do if there is such a problem?

There are labeling machine manufacturer's engineer said, broken label is generally because of the label quality problems. In this case, in addition to the replacement of good quality label paper, the user also needs to pay attention to avoid scratches on the label. Once there is a label that is easy to break, the user needs to pay attention to control. Only when the label quality is guaranteed, can the labeling machine run better.

Common fault 2: deviation

Deviation phenomenon is also very common, that is, the label position is not correct. It is understood that if the full-automatic labeling machine is not overhauled for a long time, there will be deviation, including label deviation, or instability, traction slipping, and packaging materials not in place.

How to deal with this kind of problem? The engineer said that at this time, it is necessary to straighten the label so that the label can walk on the right path, and adjust the inclination of the label to achieve parallel labeling.

In addition, in the production process of packaging materials, we need to pay attention to control the deviation of edge position. Only by ensuring the quality of materials can the problem of deviation be completely solved.

Common fault 3: continuous bidding

It is understood that the automatic labeling machine in the work, often encounter the situation of continuous labeling. At this time, if the adjustment of the electric eye is still unable to solve, it means that the equipment has exceeded the scope of application.

In this case, the user needs to pay attention to whether the label is biased. If the electric eye cannot detect the existence of the label, only when the position is adjusted accurately can the position be detected.

In addition, in the traction speed, the user should also pay attention to the fact that the labeling speed can be adjusted on the control panel of the automatic labeling machine, and only the reasonable speed can guarantee the labeling quality.

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