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Precautions for beverage filling machine

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Do you know that although the beverage filling machine is convenient and safe, there are also many precautions when using it? To extend the life and budget of your beverage filling machine, read on to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of beverage filling machine:

1) Filling accuracy adjustment problem of beverage filling machine

2) Maintenance of beverage filling machine

3) How to clean your beverage filling machine?


1) Filling accuracy adjustment problem of beverage filling machine

For the use of beverage filling machine process, often encountered is to say that the filling machine filling accuracy adjustment problem. Filling accuracy is a key factor in the use of filling machines, but also to ensure the quality of the product, so the adjustment of the filling accuracy of beverage filling machine should be highly valued by enterprises. For beverage filling machine filling by the promotion of the adjustment, mainly divided into three steps, first of all, the filling error is mainly generated by the filling volume, filling speed, the speed of the upper and lower valve switch to determine. The opening and closing speed of the upper and lower valves is related to the viscosity of the product, the greater the viscosity, the slower the opening and closing speed of the valves. Secondly, the adjustment of the valve spring pressure size should be determined by the test filling measurement and the experience of the operator. Finally, adjusting the switching speed of the valve mainly adjusts the spring pressure of the valve. If the spring pressure increases, the switching speed of the valve will be accelerated.


2) Maintenance of beverage filling machine

Because beverage filling machine is a model of modern automatic filling machinery, so in the equipment related to maintenance should also be noted. In the process of carrying out maintenance, automatic packaging machinery, should pay attention to many operational details. First of all, beverage filling machine for no power supply settings, the normal gas source of 4-6 kg. in the beverage filling machine related to the disassembly and cleaning process, do not use water to directly flush the body. If the filling machine's filling nozzle overflows, press the safety emergency stop switch to ensure a neat workshop. There is also the circuit device of the filling machine should not be unplugged at will to avoid leakage of electricity and electric shock. If the beverage filling machine in the process of operation, improper operation caused by the cylinder top out cannot be returned, please press this button to make it reset.


3) How to clean your beverage filling machine?

Another point that needs attention is the maintenance of beverage filling machine, automatic packaging machinery to do the maintenance of beverage filling machine, there are many issues that need attention. Therefore, in the process of maintenance for the filling machine, should pay attention to the automatic filling machine body of the machine is a stainless copper shell, please do not use sharp, hard sharp objects to scrape its surface. When disassembling and cleaning the piston and removing the set screws at the same time, so as not to affect the process requirements of the other when disassembling the first one. Before cleaning the piston filling machine, the remaining product inside should be removed and then filled with a soft cleaning solution in the drum, warm water is recommended. If needed soapy water, alcohol or other cleaning solutions can be used. The cylinder of the beverage filling machine is lubricated at the factory, please do not open or add any lubricant.


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