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Precautions for Water Filling Machine

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  When you go to every supermarket, you will see mineral water. The packaging of mineral water is inseparable from the water filling machine. The correct use of water filling machine can make it work better. The water filling machine plays an important role in the quality of mineral water. Here are some precautions for water filling machine. I believe that after you understand these precautions, you can better operate the water filling machine, thereby increasing the output and quality. If you are interested, let us get started.


1. Precautions before starting the water filling machine

2. Matters needing attention in the work of water filling machine

3. Matters needing attention after water filling machine work


1. Precautions before starting the water filling machine

  Before the water filling machine starts to work, you need to level the filling track and the bottle receiving tray. When the water filling machine works in an inclined state, it will not only reduce work efficiency but also reduce product quality. You need to check if there is any foreign matter in the water filling machine. For example, whether the capping system has a bottle cap stuck in it, and the conveyer carries discarded empty bottles. These things need to be cleaned up. You need to make sure that the air pressure is within the working range. Adjust the valve according to the liquid you are going to fill. If you need to fill a large liquid, you need to open the valve. After vomiting you need to fill a small size liquid, you should open the valve smaller. Before starting the water filling machine, you need to fill the tank with liquid. You can fill several bottles of liquid before formally filling the liquid to check the quality of the liquid and the working status of the water filling line.



2. Matters needing attention in the work of water filling machine

Although the technology is advanced now, the water filling machine works reliably. But this does not mean that you can make it work alone. You need to pay attention to the working status of the water filling machine. When it has a problem, you must solve the problem in time to avoid accidents. If an empty bottle is stuck, you should look for the stuck plastic bottle. Normally, you only need to dial the wheel at the pressure plug. If an empty bottle is broken, you need to adjust the host speed to 0 and dispose of the broken empty bottle to allow the water filling machine to continue working.


3. Cleaning and maintenance after water filling machine work

  Please note that if you want to shut down, you should first turn off the power switch, and then turn off the air supply switch. Do not allow water or other debris in the electric control box. After closing the water filling machine, your work is not over. You need to drain the remaining liquid in the water filling line. And you have to clean the connecting pipe of the water filling machine in time. You need to clean the pipe with clean water three times. Don't forget to wipe the surface of the water filling line with a semi-dry towel. No dust or liquid should be left. This is to avoid corrosion of the filling machine. For some movable parts of the water filling machine, you need to apply lubricating oil regularly to ensure that they can operate normally.


  This is all the content of this article, I hope this article can help you use the water filling machine better. We are a professional manufacturer and have the latest technology. We can provide you with quality products, Juice Filling Machine and Beverage Canning Line. Welcome to contact us and purchase products.

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