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How to choose a canning line?

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A canning line is very useful in the packaging of soft drinks and foods, in which the contents of the food are processed and sealed in airtight containers. In the past few years, canned food and drinks have been the most popular products in supermarkets. As beverage factories focusing more and more on the housing and packaging of their products, choosing a high-quality and reliable canning line is becoming more and more important. So, how to choose a canning line exactly? Please let me introduce the tips to you in the following contents.


Here is the content list:

First, learn to know your needs before planning the purchase.

Second, evaluate the canning line you want.



First, learn to know your needs before planning the purchase.

Before purchasing a canning line, it is essential to outline your canning needs and goals and to confirm any space, labor, and financial constraints that exist. Generally, you should start by asking two basic questions: What is the total amount and type of canned product I want to produce in the next one to three years? How do I plan to package it? From there, calculate the minimum throughput and required machine adaptability to achieve your goals. After the production requirements are confirmed, ask yourself who will also be responsible for achieving your packaging goals. Do you have the time, space, and technical and financial resources to set up an in-house canning plant? Or is a mobile canning operation best suited to provide the necessary equipment, expertise, and supply inventory? Facility constraints, staffing capacity, capital investment, access to quality control equipment, operating costs and profits, schedule adaptability, and storage and procurement of supplies are all important components of this decision.

Second, evaluate the canning line you want.

Even though good planning is critical. But what actually matters for the canning line is the equipment inside of it. So, I recommend that you focus on four key areas when evaluating any machine inside your canning line to make sure you get the right and suitable one. The first is the running speed. Is the machine inside the canning line running at a fast enough speed to accommodate your projected canning packaging capacity for the next one to three years? Consider the number of cans filled per week and the length of time each can is filled. Also, consider the speed variation in can size. The second is the product suitability of the machines. Can the machine accommodate multiple can diameters and fill volumes? Does your product require multiple machines to engage in the production process? What types of beverages can the machine run properly? Third, It is important to keep in mind what equipment will be connected to your product and what equipment will be used only for measuring and verifying various quality metrics. Fourth, the upfront and running costs, to answer this, you should ask several questions: What are the initial costs? This is not only the machine itself but also all associated shipping and installation costs, including training with technicians. How much does it cost to repair the machine? Can you save on bundling costs by purchasing multiple machines through the same company? What are the labor costs to operate, maintain and repair the machines? Since canning lines require a variety of repairs over time, it is critical to select equipment that is easy to understand and use.


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