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How to Clean the Water Filling Machine?

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Because of the high efficiency and sanitation of the water filling machine, as a filling tool, more and more people now choose the water filling machine, but the best machine requires our cleaning and daily maintenance, especially the water filling machine, because people I will drink the drinks filled by the water filling machine directly. Therefore, the daily cleaning of the water filling machine is very important. This article will teach you how to clean the water filling machine in detail and provide you with useful daily maintenance suggestions. let's start.


1. Clean the water filling machine before work

2. Clean the water filling machine after the work is completed

3. Daily maintenance of water filling machine

1. Clean the water filling machine before work

Before the water filling machine works, you need to wipe the surface of the machine carefully, and you cannot ignore any corners. At the same time, you need to make sure that there are no foreign objects in the water filling machine to prevent the machine from malfunctioning due to foreign objects during work. You need to use a sterile cotton ball to wipe the screw cap head and cover plate, sliding cap groove, cap sorting machine and other parts. Don't neglect the hygiene of these parts. You need to make sure that the cooling water tank has enough water. Before the water filling machine officially works, you can let the spray pipe enter the liquid and spray for a few minutes. This is to check whether the spray water source is clean and hygienic, and to ensure that the plastic bottles can be effectively cleaned. Then you can make the filling equipment of the water filling line fill the plastic bottles, but these filled plastic bottles are not regarded as products. This is just to test the filling effect of the water filling machine. If you pass the test, you can start the water filling line.


2. Clean the water filling machine after the work is completed

When the water filling machine is used up, you need to cut off the power. And check all pipes, valves, and pumps of the water filling machine for any remaining liquid. You need to empty all the liquid inside, and there must be no residual liquid. You have to make sure that all the lower valves of the water filling machine are open. This is to avoid water remaining in the lower valves. Finally, you need to clean and wipe the washing filling capping 3 in 1 machine. Don't forget to dispose of broken bottles and contaminated bottle caps. Do not leave useless foreign objects in the water filling machine.


3. Daily maintenance of water filling machine

The daily maintenance of the water filling machine can make it have a longer life and better performance. Here are some suggestions for you. You need to check every month whether the jaws, bolts, tension springs and jaws of the water filling line are in good condition. If the jaws are too worn, you need to replace them in time. If the bolt is loose, tighten it in time. Before production, you need to check whether the filling valve of the washing filling capping 3 in 1 machine works normally. You can turn the bottle wheel manually, to start

Finally, ensure that the bottle wheel is in good working condition and responsive. It is worth noting that your inspection should be performed when the water filling machine stops working. The movable parts of the water filling line, such as the main drive gear, screw cap drive gear, and cam, need to be greased regularly to ensure that they can work properly. When turning on the water filling machine, you must first turn it on slowly and then increase the speed.


The above is all the content of this article, I am very happy if it can solve your problem. If you want to water filling line, welcome to contact us. We are an experienced and professional manufacturer, we can provide you with quality products, such as Juice Filling MachineBeverage Canning Line.

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