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High Speed Two Side Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

This automatic labeling machine is suitable for round bottles, not only the single side labeling, it is also suitable for the double side labeling. The labeling speed and labeling time can be adjusted according to operation, this machine is suitable for producing beverage, cosmetics products, daily chemical products.
  • SL-100
  • 8422301090

Basic use:

This labeling machine is specially designed and has specificity for high-speed double-side labeling.

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Analysis of the labeling process:

Put product → convey → separate bottle → product guide → press top conveying → product inspection → labeling → labeling → conveying

1. Put the product on the conveyor belt.

2. Driven by the conveyor belt, the product automatically moves to the right labeling mechanism.

3. The bottle separation mechanism separates the bottle spacing.

4. Enter the bottle guide mechanism, and the chain designed to ensure the bottle is conveyed forward;

5. At the end of the guide bottle, the product enters the topping mechanism, and under the action of the topping mechanism, it is conveyed in the correct direction;

6. Enter the detection position, the electric eye detects the product, and the measured object signal is fed back to the PLC.

7. The traction motor rotates to send out the label, stick it on the product, and cover the label.

8. The labeled products are transported forward. 


Technical parameters:

Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding product and label errors), the adjustment level obviously affects the labeling accuracy.

Labeling speed: 7000~8000 pieces/hour, depending on product length and quality.

Applicable products: samples provided by customers.

Applicable label: the roll label provided by the customer.

Machine size: 4000x1144×1354mm (length×width×height).

Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60HZ.

The weight of the whole machine: about 350Kg.

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