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Advantages of canning line

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Canning is a very usual way to store beverages. A canning line is the production line of cans, in which the contents of the food are processed and sealed in airtight containers. Another method of preserving beverage is bottling, so what are the advantages of using a canning line overusing a bottling line? Please let me introduce them to you in the following contents.


Here is the content list:

What are the advantages of using a canning line on the cost?

What are the advantages of using a canning line on the preservation of drinks?


What are the advantages of using a canning line on the cost?

A clear chance to reduce the cost, increase the efficiency while keeping the same quality would never be missed by an incisive businessman. And you know what? Choosing to use canning lines to store drinks can reduce costs and increase efficiency in many ways. First, in the part of equipment and maintenance costs. Although the current start-up cost associated with the canning production line equipment is higher than the equipment required for the bottling production line, it can pay for itself in the long run. Since the canning production line is more automated and requires fewer human operators than the bottling production line. Beverage factories that choose to invest in the canning production line will find that they can hire fewer employees to operate the production, which not only saves the cost but also helps them to put their valuable resources and talent elsewhere. The time cost of the filling process is another important consideration. And due to the large opening of the can itself, the filling process of the canning line is much faster than the filling process of the bottling line. Over time, huge differences in filling time will give the canning line advantage of saving money. The last point that needs to mention is the saving of space. Once the production of a canning line or bottling line is launched, the storage of bottles or cans needs to be considered. Thanks to its thin walls and uniform cylindrical shape, can take up less space than bottles. Cans can also be stacked more easily than bottles since bottles require boxes or other additional materials to be stacked. These additional materials translate into additional costs, which gives the canning line another advantage over the bottling line.


What are the advantages of using a canning line on the preservation of drinks?

Lots of studies have been made on the influence of canning and bottling on flavor perception of drinks, but in fact, all of these studies all point to one result, that there is no obvious influence that could be found. Various studies have shown that people will not be able to distinguish between canned beer and bottled beer if blindly tested. Oxygen is another element that destroys the quality of drinks. While the canning line uses very little headspace to seal each can, but instead injects a small amount of carbon dioxide into the can before sealing it. This reduces the amount of oxygen remaining in the tank, thereby minimizing odors. However, the bottling line just can do that much as a canning line, the headspace of a bottle is much bigger than that of a can. Even though they also put carbon dioxide or nitrogen into it, the possibility of the oxygen sneak inside the bottle is much bigger than that of the canning line.


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