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0.3-2L 3000BPH Hot Fill Bottle Blowing Machine

  • MAXPET-06-H

1. Using servo motor to drive the ring chain;

2. Adopt servo single channel preform;

3. The high-pressure blowing combined valve made of Al-Aluminum alloy can be equipped with a gas recovery device to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment;

4. Using PID constant control oven preform heating and fan exhaust;

5. More stable/higher output/lower energy consumption/less investment

6. Simpler machine structure / easier operation and maintenance / faster production

主机参数 Clamping System

模具腔数 Number of Cavities

6 Cavities

6 Cavities

8 Cavities

锁模力 Clamping Force

56000 KG

65000 KG

96000 KG

模具行程 Mold Stroke

90 mm

125 mm

90 mm

拉伸杆行程 Stretching Stroke

260 mm

330 mm

260 mm

底模行程 Botton Stroke

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

瓶子间距 Cacity Pitch

76.2 mm

114.3 mm

76.2 mm

胚头数 Number of Holder

106 PCS 

92 PCS 

152 PCS 

制品参数 Container 

最大容量 Max.Container volume

600 ml

1500 ml

600 ml

最大瓶子高度 Max.Container Height

260 mm

330 mm

260 mm

最大瓶子直径 Max.Container Diameter

68 mm

105 mm

68 mm

最大瓶坯高度 Max.Prefrom Height

100 mm

140 mm

100 mm

最大瓶子外径 Max.Neck Diameter

38 mm

38 mm

38 mm

理论产量 Theoretical Output

3500 B/H

3000 B/H

4500 B/H

电气参数 Electrical System

加热箱数量 Heating oven qty 

4*4 PCS

5*8 PCS

8*8 PCS

灯管数量 Number of lamp

4*8 PCS

5*9 PCS

8*8 PCS

加热配置功率  Heating Power

64 KW

90 KW

96 KW

电力总容量 Instakked Power

69.5 KW

100 KW

100 KW

电压 Voltage




气源参数 Air System

工作压力 operating pressure

0.7-0.9 mpa

0.7-0.9 mpa

0.7-0.9 mpa

吹瓶压力 blowing pressure

2.5-3.0 mpa

2.5-3.0 mpa

2.5-3.0 mpa

高压耗气量 high pressure air consumption

5.0/30 L/min

5.0/30 L/min

7.2/30 L/min

配置功率 power

60 KW

60 KW

75 KW

冷却水参数 Chiller System

温度范围 temperature




压力 pressure

0.4 mpa

0.4 mpa

0.6 mpa

额定功率 power

5 HP

5 HP

8 HP

外形尺寸 Machine

主机尺寸 Machine Dimension

4.2*2.1*2.2 m

5.2*2.1*2.2 m

6.0*2.1*2.2 m

重量 Machine Weight

6000 kg

7000 kg

7500 kg


Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A1: We have our own factory for many years,can give u best service.

Q2: What's your guarantee if we buy your machines?

A2: We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and free spare parts for 1 year. Meanwhile our engineers have rich experience and have gone to more than 50 countries for installation and commissioning.

Q3: When can I get my machine after I paid?

A3: We will deliver the machines on time as the date we agreed both side.

Q4: How can I install my machine when it arrives?

A4: Our engineer will go to your side as soon as you get your machines ready for testing and teaching your technicians how to run the machines.

Q5: What's the delivery time?

A5: 30-45 days after the T/T deposit or L/C.

Q6: Do you provide customized service?

A6: We can design the machines according to your requirements (material, power, filling type, container and etc), at the same time we will give you professional suggestion by many years industrial experience.

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