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UF Hollow Fiber Membrane Mineral Water Treatment System

  • UF-20T

  • FILL

UF Hollow Fiber Membrane Mineral  Water Treatment System

UF membrane is only allows the solvent(such as water molecules), mineral salts and small molecular organic substances in the solution to pass through, and the macromolecular substances such as suspended matter, colloid, protein and microorganisms in the solution are intercepted, Thereby achieving the purpose of purification or separation.


Technical Parameter

Model Processing water volume(m³/h) Power(KW) Inlet pipe Outlet pipe Dimensions(L*W*H mm)
UF-1 1 1.1 DN32 DN25 2000*700*1700
UF-2 2 1.3 DN32 DN32 2500*1000*1700
UF-3 3 1.5 DN32 DN32 3000*1000*1700
UF-5 5 1.75 DN50 DN40 3300*1000*1700
UF-8 8 2.1 DN50 DN50 2500*1000*1800
UF-10 10 2.4 DN50 DN50 2800*1000*2000
UF-15 15 4.8 DN65 DN65 2800*1200*2000


What's the working principle of Ultrafiltration membrane?

Ultrafiltration membrane is the anisomerous semipermeable membrane made of macro molecule material as the separation method without phase transition for solution, and can remove particles whose molecule weight ranges 1,500-100,000 Dalton,and can effectively remove organic,bacterium,virus,colloid and non-ion suspended solid.

STEP<1>. Sand Filter: to use sand media down to 0.5-1mm. which filter size can be down to 200micron. some big suspended solids like coolloids, rust, mud, imparity etc can be trapped by media bed. and be removed from water.

STEP<2>. Carbon Filter: can absorb some organism, dissolved air, odor & color matter etc.

STEP<3>. Softener: use cation exchange resin to remove Calcium, Magnesium etc to make soft water.

STEP<4>. Micron Filter: use 5 -20 micron sediment cartridge filter / bag filter, to remove the passed suspended solid from pre-treatment. so that more safty for entrance of RO. 

STEP<5> Ultra-filtration system (UF membrane to trapped most of ions. to de-mineralize/desaltination etc. it will be PURE WATER from output. 

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