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The Future Of The Beverage Packaging Industry:The Era Of Differentiated Packaging Is Coming, Technical Equipment Is Facing Tremendous Changes

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With the emergence of various beverage types, the beverage packaging industry has also developed rapidly. After breaking the monopoly of glass containers, metal containers, plastic containers, and paper containers have appeared one after another, and beverage packaging has shown a diversified development. trend. After years of market accumulation for carbonated beverages, pure water and mineral water beverages, the market has become quite stable. The classic image of Coca-Cola beverage cans cannot be easily shaken, while mineral water beverages want to occupy a certain share in the market and can only be sold in PET bottles. Some changes have been made in the design and capacity of the model. In recent years, 2L packaging suitable for household and catering consumption has quite a market.

1. The development of the beverage industry promotes the technological progress of the packaging industry

In the future beverage packaging market, the unique advantages of low consumption of raw materials, low cost, and convenient portability determine that beverage packaging must continue to innovate in technology in order to keep up with the pace of beverage development. It is customary to use cans or glass as packaging materials for beer, With the continuous improvement of functional films, such as red wine, white wine, coffee, honey, and carbonated beverages, it is an inevitable trend that plastic flexible packaging will be widely used instead of bottled containers. The greening of packaging materials and production processes indicates that solvent-free composite and extrusion composite multilayer co-extruded functional films will find more applications in beverage packaging.

2. Product packaging requirements are differentiated

"More diverse products, requiring more differentiated packaging" has become the development trend of the beverage industry, and the development of beverage packaging machinery technology will become the ultimate driving force of this trend. In the next 3 to 5 years, the beverage market will develop existing juices, teas, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, and carbonated beverages. At the same time, it will shift to low-sugar or sugar-free beverages, as well as pure natural and milk-containing beverages. The development of healthy beverages such as class. The development trend of products will further promote the development of packaging differentiation, such as PET aseptic cold-filled packaging, HDPE (with a barrier layer in the middle) milk packaging, and aseptic carton packaging. The diversity of beverage product development will ultimately promote the innovation of beverage packaging materials and structures.

3. Strengthening technology research and development is the foundation for the sustainable development of the beverage packaging industry

After entering 2000, with the continuous growth of China's beverage market demand, domestic beverage equipment manufacturers will further strengthen their own equipment technology research and development, and begin to engage in the development and application of high-end beverage packaging technology. At present, domestic equipment suppliers have made great progress in this area, and have strong competitiveness in price and after-sales service. Some domestic beverage equipment manufacturers such as Guangzhou Tech-Long, Lehui Enterprise,Fillex Machinery etc. have highlighted their potential and advantages in providing low and medium speed (18000BPH-24000BPH) beverage packaging lines. It is mainly manifested in the very competitive price of the whole line, good local technical support and after-sales service, relatively low equipment maintenance and spare parts prices. It can be said that it is this demand of beverage companies that promotes the common development and progress of beverage companies and beverage packaging companies.

Beverage packaging will develop into a specialized packaging industry featuring green environmental protection, profit reduction, mergers and reorganization, brand sales, and high-quality and high-energy. How to better develop the packaging industry around the purpose of "safety, health, and environmental protection" is an issue that enterprises need to consider urgently. Enterprises that deviate from the mainstream direction will eventually be eliminated by the gradually perfect market competition system.

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