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FILLEX Is in Plastics and Rubber Indonesia 2019

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FILLEX always pursues the best product quality and perfect customer service. Since the establishment of FILLEX, we have owned a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. In order to make more and more people all over the world know more about us and our 5 Gallon water filling machine, we decide to attend Plastics and Rubber Indonesia 2019. Our booth number is B4402. Welcome to inquiry and visit our booth.


Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2019

Today is the first day of the exhibition, we have already been ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. We brought our beverage filling machine to the exhibition to show our customers this time. Many customers showed great interest in our products and inquired a lot of questions. Our workers made a specific explanation for the visitors.

Plastics & Rubber Indonesia is now the only dedicated plastics and rubber event in Indonesia with the sole focus of serving the needs of those industries. Now in its 32nd edition Plastics & Rubber Indonesia is well known and respected among industry professionals attracting key players and leaders in the plastics industry.



It provides the opportunity for directly facing foreign buyers, we can establish cooperation opportunities with foreign buyers through the exhibition. It will certainly improve the competitiveness of enterprises. As a water filling machine manufacturer, I believe that Chinese merchants at foreign exhibitions will be favored by foreign visitors!

FILLEX is waiting for you in Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia. We warmly welcome to visit our booth: B4402. FILLEX keep on doing our best to provide high- quality machine and best service for you.


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