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Algeria International Food & Beverage 2019
     Address:Algiers National Exhibition Center
Instruction:Starting in 2003, it is held every year, and in 1919, it is the 17th. This exhibition is hosted by Comexposium, the largest exhibition company in France that has hosted the SIAL series.
The Algerian International Food Show is clearly divided into four sections: Food and Beverage Hall, Food Ingredients, Food Processing and Mechanical Packaging and Refrigeration (equipment, raw materials and fruit and vegetable packaging, meat, milk and dairy products, beverages, cereals, candy packaging). ), baked goods and equipment halls (bread, cakes and raw materials).The package is the main food in Algeria, and manufacturers of bread and pastry in Algeria need to find new manufacturing equipment and raw materials and additives. Chinese exhibitors can find new business opportunities at this exhibition!
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