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Inline Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine


1. Main Performance :

1.Motor Drive Conveyor

2.Pallet wrapping machine use LLDPE stretch film as the main packing material to wrap the bulk cargos stacked on the pallet

3.Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage

4.The pallet wrapping machine  has been widely used in industries such as glassware, tools, electric & electronic, paper,pottery, food & beverage, etc.


1. High efficiency and low electricity-consumption, convenient in operation.

2. The wrapping type and times can be designed on customers’ requirements.

3. Photoelectric sensor test pallet height automatic

4. Durable stainless steel conveyor

5. Pre-stretch ratio: 300%

6. Programmable control and frequency converter is available.

7.PLC control ,manual optional. Wrap cycle (top, bottom, reinforcement) adjustment.

  Variable lift speed/ film tension control. Film up/down controls.

8.Pallet wraping machine soft start and soft stop.

9.Suitable for production line

10.max load 3000KG

2. Technical Parameters

Maximum Wrapping Speed

30-40 loads/hour

Load Size Diagonal


Maximum Wrapping Height


Turntable Speed


Turntable Size


Turntable Drive


Max Load Weight


Standard Film Width


Constant Film Delivery Force


Standard Pre-Stretch

300% pre-stretch

Roller Materials

Stainless Steel 201  diameter :89mm

Film Capacity

250mm Diametery  

Film Delivery System

Power Roller -Stretch Plus

Film Rope System


Weighing Scale


Machine Weight


Machine Size

L:2000mm  W:1800mm H:3700mm

Turntable Technology

Slewing Ring


380V/220V/50HZ  1phase

3. Pallet Grip system  :

Pallet grip system : film bottom narrowed to become film rope , film rope grip to pallet & products during wrapping.

1.During transport ,no need worry the products fall down when the pallets get violent vibration

2.If the truckfork damage the film on the bottom of pallet ,the film do not breach .

3.Pallet bottom grip and whole journey grip can replace the horizontal strapping machine

4. Slewing Bearing Turntable:

Fillex online pallet wrapper use the slewing bearing turntable ,max load weight 3000KG ,more

quiet and lower vibration compare with the chain drive turntable.

5. SIEMENS Control System

Fillex online pallet wrapper all the electric parts installed inside of the machine Do not use a independent control box any more ,in this way ,it will be much easier install the machine .all the electric parts Fillex just use top brand like SIEMENS ,and OMRON Good spare parts is very important for quality of the machine.

6. Durable Conveyor

Fillex online pallet wrapping machine use 89mm stainless steel roller , the joint conveyor on wrapper which need be linked to input&output conveyor also use chain drive so that the pallet can be move from the conveyor to wrapper smoothly

7. Remote Control System With Auto Cut And Clamp Film

S300 pallet stretch wrapping machine ,worker just need put the pallet on the turntable and press remote control button,machine will wrap pallet automatically,during this time ,the worker no need get off the forklift truck and operate machine by hand .

automatic cut and clamp film system, let worker no need use they hand to cut film and put film on pallet any more ,cut &clamp film system will do it automatically .



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