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  • Bottled Water Consumption Grows Rapidly

    Water is the source of life, and healthy drinking water is a common need of human beings. With the escalation of consumption and the awakening of consumer health awareness, the public's demand for a good bottle of water is becoming more urgent. In this context, more and more non-industry capital is

  • High-end And Ultra-high-end Bottled Water Are Growing Fast!

    In recent years, bottled water has been the most successful beverage category in the beverage industry. Since 2016, bottled water sales have ranked first among all beverages and have been performing steadily. However, the success of bottled water does not only come from the value-based part. The exi

  • Effects of Healthy Drinks Growth on Beverage Filling Machine Market

    For years now, there has been a continuous growth in the global demand for process and packaging machinery by the food and beverage industry. Following the outbreak of the global economic and financial crisis, the only exception within this upward trend is the year 2009. However, from 2002 to 2011,

  • How to Start a Beer Can Filling Business

    Beer is one of the most globally used alcoholic beverages today. Due to the widespread demand for this beverage, there has been a rise in the number of producers with their different names and brands. At the large scale level, beer business accounts for millions of dollars annually and the indigenou

  • 8 Step to Start a Bottled Water Business

    The bottled water business deal with packed plastic bottles and this water can be distilled, natural spring water and purified water. The water bottle size varies in small to large sizes, and it also came into a cane. The bottled water business is one of the best businesses, which saves us from typh

  • Why Does Milk Filling and Packaging Matter?

    Raw milk is processed in the milk plants. They get this raw milk from the farmers into merchantable milk. However, the shelf life of processed milk is more as compared to merchantable milk. Every country has its own particular rules for milk production. Well, the major rules are almost the same.Why

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