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High Quality Alumiuum Foil Bottle Filling and Sealing Packing Machine

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Full Automatic Heating Sealing Conveyor Soy Milk Yogurt Plastic Bottle Food Filling Machine and Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Aluminum film cover conveying system and capping system:
---The aluminum film cover slide processed by the capping system is sent to the capping port
The photoelectric sensor detects whether a lid jam occurs in the slide of the aluminum film cover. If the lid is clogged, the machine will automatically stop and alarm
Automatic capping device attaches the aluminum film cover to the bottle mouth
Electric heating sealing system:
---This part mainly includes sealing aluminum ring and sealing copper bottle holder and figure cam lifting mechanism, etc.

Our Advantages


1) The machine has compact structure, complete control system, easy operation and high degree of automation
2) To change bottle shape, the operator only needs to replace the star-wheel, inlet bottle screw and arc guide plate
3) The parts contacting media are made from 304and have no process blind angles to enable easy cleaning
4) High speed filling valve, guarantees liquid has precise level and no waste is incurred
5) The capping head applies a constant magnetic torque device to secure capping quality and prevent damage to the bottle cap
6) The control system has the function of control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block auto stop and production 
7) The machine applies a highly effective cap arranging system that has complete self control and protective device
8) The machine is equipped with a complete overload protection device that can secure equipment and the operator effectively
9) Main electric components and pneumatic components apply world famous brand products
10) The machine's operation is controlled by an advanced touch-screen .


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