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Congratulations :Capping machine is shipped toUSA

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Glass Bottle Capping Machine: The Ultimate Guide

You can often see glass bottles in daily life, there are various colors and shapes are also various, usually commercially used glass bottles are with sealed caps, there are many kinds of caps, such as round caps, Crown cork and so on, then you know how these caps are sealed to the bottle?

In this guide we will discuss how glass bottles are sealed in industry.

1. What is Glass Bottle?

A glass bottle is a bottle made from glass. Glass bottles can vary in size considerably, but are most commonly found in sizes ranging between about 200 millilitres and 1.5 litres. Common uses for glass bottles include food condiments, soda, liquor, cosmetics, pickling and preservatives. These types of bottles are utilitarian and serve a purpose in commercial industries.

Glass Bottle Examples

  • Boston round or Winchester bottles - cylinder with heavily rounded top and bottom; thick glass, typically clear, blue, or amber. Common in medical and scientific applications.

  • Long-necked or Woozy bottles - tall cylinder with a prominent neck, many of which are used as beer bottles

  • Wine bottle - very standard shape, mostly cylindrical but gradually narrowing into the neck

  • Spice bottles

  • Liquor bottles

  • Olive oil bottles - tall and relatively thin with a prominent neck. Marasca bottles are rectangular cuboids on the bottom and rounded on top; Dorica bottles are cylinders.

2. Glass Bottle Cap Type and Capping Machine

No matter what shape or size of glass bottle all have one thing in common. Each requires a cap to create a reliable seal and protect the product within. While you may be familiar with the standard screw cap - think bottled water or soft drinks - pay attention the next time you are in the grocery store and you may be surprised at the number of different closures available for your product. When choosing you cap, keep in mind that the type of capping equipment available for use will also depend on your choice of cap.


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