Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Device Reverse  Osmosis Water Treatment  Device

This system adopts stainless sand filter ,active carbon filter ,effectively to remove big impure particles and suspending matters ,improve RO membrane water inputting index ,effectively remove the smell and rest chlorine of the original water ,and improve the taste of water quality .The main machine adopts American high effective low=pressure compound film ,with single film salt removing degree up to 99%., medicine ,environment ,and chemicals.

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Product Description

Detailed Description

Applicable to pure water, mineral water, beverage products, water and process water of various types of water treatment equipment. 

Mainly including:

ü Pretreatment system (multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger , microporous filter)

ü membrane separation system (ultrafiltration , nanofiltration , reverse osmosis unit)

ü electrodialysis equipment

ü sterilization equipment (Ultraviolet equipment, ozone equipment) and so on

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