Ethiopia Ago Food 2018
Ethiopia Ago Food 2018

Ethiopia Ago Food 2018

  • Date:27,Jun,2019
  • Address:Addis Ababa Millennium Pavilion

Addis Ababa is also the economic center of Ethiopia. More than half of the country's enterprises are concentrated in the southwestern part of the city, and the southern suburbs are industrial areas. There is a coffee trade center in the city. It is a hub for roads and railways, with flights to domestic cities and African, European and Asian countries.

exhibition criteria

1. Agricultural and sideline products, dried fruits and vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, edible fungi, canned foods, snack foods, meat products, aquatic products, condiments, soy products, convenience foods, grain and oil products, frozen foods, green foods, freeze-dried foods, health care Food, tea and native products.

2. Poultry products, dairy products, baked goods, fruit drinks, coffee, biscuits, candy, food raw materials and additives.

3. Food processing and packaging technology, food machinery, ice cream production and packaging technology, quality assurance and control, food certification system.

Beverages: carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, functional drinks, tea drinks, coffee, mineral water, sports drinks and other drinks.


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