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18000BPH Water Product Line

Country: Saudi Arabia Customer: Mr. Mohamed

In 2017, the customer bought a 18000bph complete water production line. Once the machine reached their factory, we arranged an engineer to install the machine and finished all the works within one month. Now this line works very well, machines and capacity are very stable, customers very satisfied with our machines.

18000BPH water product line

300CPM Energy Can Production Line

Country: Thailand Customer: Hendri

In 2016, we installed a 300CPM complete Energy Can production Line in Thailand. We met the customer in Exhibition. After the exhibition, he invited us to visit their factory. We offered them a very professional proposal during detail discussion. Finally, the customer chose us to help them complete this line.

300CPM Energy Canning Line
300CPM Energy Can Production Line in Thailand

15000BPH Water Production Line

Country: Indonesia Customer: Danny

In 2018, we installed 3 sets of 15000bph and 10 sets of 12000bph water production lines in Indonesia. Because of our high quality and good after-sale service, the customer placed an order again and again. In the same year, we open a branch company in Indonesia. We are honored to be strong together with our customers

15000BPH Water Production Line in Indonesia
15000BPH Water Bottling Line in Indonesia

6000BPH@1L Cooking Oil Filling Line

Country: Vietnam Customer: Thanh

In 2015, we installed a 6000bph@1L cooking oil filling line in Vietnam. After two times visit, the customer decided to cooperate with us. Mr. Thanh said he recognized our company, not only the high-quality machines but also our company culture. We staff are very nice, every time he came, just like back home.

6000BPH@1L Cooking Oil Manufacturingl Line
6000BPH@1L Cooking Oil Filling Line in Vietnam

6000BPH@1.5L Carbonated Drink Production Line

Country: Turkmenistan Customer: Mr.Dovlet

In 2017, we installed a 6000bph@1.5L carbonated drink production line in Turkmenistan. This is our first 60 heads carbonated drink filling line in Middle Asia. Thanks for customer's confidence. It is significant for Fillex to open up the Middle Asian market.

6000BPH@1.5L Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Line in Turkmenistan
6000BPH@1.5L Soft Drink Production Line in Turkmenistan

5000BPH@500ml Juice Production Line

Country: Turkey Customer: Mr. Yilmaz

In 2015, we installed a juice production line in Turkey. This is customer first time to do the beverage business. We helped customer step by step to complete the whole factory, and now the customer has a good market in local.

5000BPH@500ml Juice Production Line in Turkey
5000BPH@500ml Juice Filling Line in Turkey

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